Management Team

The investment team is led by our founder and CIO, Andreas Rialas. Prior to founding Argo in 2000, Andreas worked for Deutsche Bank for three years in the emerging markets proprietary trading division, trading in emerging markets loans and trade finance specialist products. Before that, he was at London Forfaiting (Asia) Ltd as Head of Secondary Debt Trading in emerging markets. At Argo, Andreas built up a formidable distressed/activist reputation in emerging markets and spearheaded some of the firm’s most successful distressed debt/restructuring investments across global emerging markets.

In addition to the wealth of experience and expertise of Andreas, The Argo Fund (TAF) has 3 additional portfolio Managers.

Stephen Rothwell, with over 33 years industry experience has been with Argo since 2007. Having previously held senior positions at Dresdner Kleinwort & London Forfaiting Limited, he has a particular expertise with Liquid, Illiquid & Distressed Debt across the EM universe.

Marcelo Saez joined Argo in 2011, notably having previously worked at Threadneedle and Aberdeen Asset Management. With over 20 years experience, he focuses largely on FX, Rates, as well as the overall Macro outlook of the fund's strategy.

Matias Vammalle recently joined Argo in late 2016, previously holding positions at Babson Capital and Citigroup. Citing over 12 years of experience within the Emerging Markets, his expertise is driven largely towards the EM Corporate debt space. 

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