Our Approach

With a range of complementary specialisations in EM investing, the diversity of the Investment Team creates an open environment for uninhibited and continuous discussion of investment themes, where theories are freely cross-challenged and deliberated amongst team members prior to pursuance of an investment idea. Consequently, Argo’s investment approach focusses on high conviction trades with limited downside risk. Argo also uses its long-term trading experience in EM within global markets to effectively hedge portfolio risk for global macro events.

Argo Capital Management benefits from the robust infrastructure and corporate governance structure provided under the umbrella of Argo Group Limited, a listed company that must comply with the relevant regulatory framework, transparency requirements and governance code of AIM.

Argo Group Limited provides a platform for investment in EM across a wide spectrum of asset classes ranging from liquid debt and macro trading (offered by The Argo Fund) to less liquid distressed debt opportunities (The Argo Distressed Credit Fund). The diversity of the Group product offerings has led to a highly detailed in-house knowledge of EM nations, sectors and capital flows which create synergies across the entire Argo Group and provides Argo with a unique advantage in identifying opportunities and forecasting market trends.

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